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ZIZIN, your daily balance!

Microbiologically pure at source, ZIZIN is the oligomineral water, suitable for daily consumption by the entire family. Because of its balanced mineral content, essential to our body, and of the pH, ZIZIN natural water may have beneficial effects on health. It is recommended as part of a diet low in sodium.

With a pleasant refreshing taste, ZIZIN offers a complete product range, that includes still mineral water, but also sparkling (carbonated) mineral water.

ZIZIN natural mineral water represents the optimal choice for the daily hydration of the body.

The packaging, offered by ZIZIN, is designed to attract the attention of the modern consumer. The product has a wide spectrum of use: in the home, at work or during travels.

Cations mg/L Anions mg/L
Calcium 71.73 Bicarbonates 231.8
Magnesium 3.31 Chlorides 14.97
Sodium 5.08 Sulphates <23.0
Potassium 0.59 Nitrites <0.0062
pH 7.0
Dry Residue at 180° C 207

ZIZIN still mineral water. Mineral composition (average values)
(according to the BIOSOL Laboratory – March 2015)

Cations mg/L Anions mg/L
Calcium 74.66 Bicarbonates 237.9
Magnesium 3.49 Chlorides 18.37
Sodium 5.21 Sulphates <23.0
Potassium 0.55 Nitrites 0.0096
Enriched with natural carbon dioxide min. 2500
Dry Residue at 180° C 264

ZIZIN sparkling mineral water. Mineral composition (average values)
(according to the BIOSOL Laboratory – March 2015)

 ZIZIN natural mineral water, still or carbonated, is a fast moving consumer product, that meets the quality standards imposed by law. Upgrading investments have enabled the entire process of extraction and bottling to be closely monitored and protected in order to assure a sustainable availability, materialized through the ISO and IFS certificates: not to mention the medal ”Golden brand” for ”Spring of life” (still mineral water) awarded at the ”National Salon of mineral waters” (4th edition, 2002).