our inheritance

ZIZIN, a place blessed by nature, still keeps the traces of a rich historical past on the organized running of mineral waters.

The tradition of using the mineral waters of ZIZIN dates from ancient times.

Being known since 1773, when Dr. Lucas Wagner made their first description, the mineral waters of ZIZIN enjoy recognition of their beneficial and therapeutical effects. In 1777, V.F. Tauche mentions, for the first time, the source of the mineral waters from ZIZIN in his work – ”Synopsia fontanae Austriae” – published in Viena. Four decades later, in 1818, the first chemical analysis of the ZIZIN mineral water is being made by Belteky.

Izvorul Ferdinand

The Ferdinand Spring

Balasz Orban noted in his piece of work from 1873 – ”The description of the Szekely land” – the existence of 3 water springs in  ZIZIN, whose waters prove an important curative effect: the Ferdiand spring, the Francisc spring and the Ludovic spring. Ferdinand was the certified and recommended spring for a refined use, while the water from Francisc could have been used in the treatment of different diseases.

Due to its chemical composition, determined by Dr Greissing and Dr Schnell, the mineral natural water of these three sources, could have competed with the other few healing springs across Europe. The water from Ferdinand  edged the same quality level as the waters of Luhacovice, St. Nectaire (Dilmey), Vals, Vuc-sur-Cere, Selters, Ems, Gleichenberg or Niderselters, while the water of the Ludovic spring, due to its quantity of iron, was silimar to the water from Pyrmont, Franzensbad, Marienbad or Rochits, as Hanko Vilmos noted in ”The description of baths and waters from Transylvania” (1891).

In 1912, when Sipos Janosne (born Bereczi Anna), the famous ”ceangau” woman, takes it under her care, the ZIZIN area undergoes an extensive process of rebuilding. Those days, the fourth spring, Bella, is revealed.

The ZIZIN resort

In 1927, because of the healing power of this area’s waters, ZIZIN is being named ”Small Balneo- Mineral Institution” by the Ministry of Health. According to the resort`s regulations, approved in 1935, ZIZIN had been visited for different reasons, such balneo-therapy or drinking cures. The scenery of rare beauty and the natural factors of it’s therapeutical benefits recommended ZIZIN as a holiday destination for many tourists.



It is easy to imagine the brightness of the resort, as the documents of that time reveal. The Ferdinand Spring was surrounded by a park with trees and walkways that could have guided you up on the hill, place from where you could have admired the ZIZIN valley and the Barsa Land. Next to the park, the warm bathhouse, a treatment center with water from the Francisc and Ludovic springs, had been arranged. The path of mineral waters continues with a remarkable promenade.