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What is natural mineral water?

According to HG 1020/2005 natural mineral water is pure water, microbiologically speaking, being obtained from recognised underground sources. Its controlled origin ensures that the stability, temperature and mineral content are being kept steady, regardless the external conditions.

Natural mineral water may be distinguished from other water types (spring water or table water) by its nature, characterized through its mineral components and purity at source.

When considering the mineralization of water, the amount of carbon dioxide with which the water has been artificially saturated in oder to ensure its carbonated condition is not taken into account in the declared mineral content of the water. This is represented by the mineral intake (calcium, magnesium etc.) that occurs naturally at the water’s source.

Map of the main Romanian mineral water sources

Still water

Still water is natural mineral water with a low level of minerals, that might contain a gas naturally present at source, but without the artificial addition of carbon dioxide.

Carbonated water

Carbonated mineral water may either be the result of still mineral water which is artificially saturated with dioxide carbon, or from mineral water that is partially carbonated at source and which then receives extra carbon dioxide during the bottling process.