Share the peace

#ShareThePeace  is the first integrated awareness campaign developed for the brand ZIZIN. Its balanced mineral content and neutral pH are the main product characteristics highlighted throughout the campaign. The creative concept and its headline, ”ZIZIN shares the peace”, represent the need for a more balanced life, with no conflicts or other tense moments. Daily life consists of a series of situation which highlight different sides of our peronalities.. Because the roles are interchangeable, due to the situation itself, someone has to maintain the balance. And ZIZIN is definitely capable of handling  the role.

The campaign has been divided into two parts. The first one took place between April and June 2014 and was introduced on radio, outdoor and online. The second one, represented by the first ever ZIZIN TV commercial, was launched in December 2014. The advertisement brings to life an unusual couple, consisting of a lioness and a gnu, who, at first sight, are facing an unbalanced situation.  Everything is under the close watch of a wildlife expert. But, with the help of ZIZIN, the apparent conflict is being resolved peacefully.

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