ZIZIN water

poze_text_01The source of ZIZIN mineral water is located in a truly picturesque area, away from man-made pollution sources, at the contact area between the Ciucas Mountains and the Brasov Depression. This land is a part of the site Nature 2000 ”Ciucas” – an area with an impressive ecological and biological diversity.

ZIZIN mineral water has its origin in groundwaters fed from rainfall which, once absorbed into the ground at around 600 meters altitude, is flitrated through the pores of conglomerates and cretaceous sandstones. Subject to a natural mixing process, that occurs underground, ZIZIN is a natural mineral water, microbiological pure at its source.

The reservoir conditions of ZIZIN water have been recorded step by step, based on the geological investigations made by a number of well known researchers, like: Franz Herblich (1873 – 1878), Dr. Erich Jekelius (1915), Gheorghe Murgeanu, Dan Patrulius si L. Contescu (1952), Acad. M.G. Filipescu (1952, 1958, 1963), E. Avram and V. Matei (1964 – 1976). Also based on the hydrogeological investigations developed under the strict surveillance of the Balneology and Physiotherapy Institute (1989 – 1990), the National Institute of Development and Research of Land’s Improvements (1967, 1974, 1980 – 1990) and not to mention I.A.F.A.A. (1989 – 1990)

Since 1936 – on its customers’ table

The year 1936 marks the establishment of the bottlling station in ZIZIN with water extracted from the Ferdinand spring. At that time, the production of bottled mineral water in Romania was just at the beginning of it’s development.

Between November 20th, 1939 and September 24th, 1940, at the start of World War II, 32,153 one-litre bottles of mineral water were distributed in ZIZIN. One month later, in October 1940, the statistics of that time reveals a significantly growth of ZIZIN mineral water production: in just 36 days 59,316 bottles were produced, with a volume of 1 litre and 0.33 litres .

As time passed, records of the bottling and marketing activities of ZIZIN show a significant growth, due to its distinct and certified qualities. So, 1970 marks the beginning of the bottling activity on the current plant site.

Following a continuous development process, today ZIZIN is one of the main  brands in the Romanian mineral water market. Its position has been achieved mainly through modern marketing techniques, but also sustained through traditional channels.